Aluminum & Glass


These modern, sleek garage doors perfectly mirror the clean lines and glass expanses of your home’s contemporary design. Available in a variety of glass options and frame colors in Austin, Houston, TX, and neighboring areas.

Design Your Door

  • Collection: Amarr Vista
  • R-Value: n/a
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Safety: Medium
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Price: $$$$$


Design the perfect garage door to match your contemporary home with a broad offering of tempered window options for as much visibility as you desire.
Dress up your garage door with powder coat finishes from our 24 stocked colors for fast turnaround or match any color spec with a custom powder coat paint.
Door sizes available to close up the largest opening in your home with beautifully designed garage doors.
Wind load doors are built specifically to withstand specific high-wind pressures with an interior wind load reinforcement system. Wind load reinforcement can be added to practically all Amarr doors to meet local building codes. Simply choose the door style that is right for you and your local Amarr garage door dealer/installer will confirm what wind load door is required in your area. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to make sure the garage door meets local building codes.

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